Sunday, June 23, 2013

Matilda and Hannah!


First real time at the pool!!


In the fairy garden at Detroit kid city

Cup O' tea anyone?

Fun with joslyn!

The gang (minus Sadie)

Cupcake time!

Me and mommy


Fun at Callie's sprinkler party!


Pretty flowers

Matilda set up shop

At the chanel counter while mommy got anniversary make up done

Lemon sorbet

Cute date at la dolce vita

Happy 8 years!!!! Xoxo

Last week

I ate a book, this week, a puzzle piece. I like my fiber!

Dance party

To one direction's what makes u beautiful


Marshmallow patata

Our first "play date" with Lilly

We took a walk... And Lilly slept the whole time!!

Busy baby

Heading to the pool for the first time!

First day of camp!

In the Rocket Room!

The boys


Mimi and Papa's yard

Father's Day sprinkler fun!

Another amazing daddy and his girl

Father's Day French toast casserole

Major photo catch up!

It's been a busy week!! Helping daddy open cards and presents on Father's Day!