Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my bad.

oops! it's been a while since i updated. i've been very busy, traveling the country and meeting my fans. in the past 2 months since i last wrote i've been to the zoo with my friends noah and madison, voted for our next president (yay!), made numerous dirty diapers, celebrated thanksgiving in North Carolina (yes i did well in the car), went to work with my mommy, met my new friends Jordyn and Leah, and celebrated my first hanukkah. My mommy and daddy have taken a few photos along the way for you to enjoy. you can count on more regular updates in 2009 since i'm now 14 weeks old and can hold my head up on my own so that mommy and daddy have a free hand to type what i dictate to them.

my new crib finally came, but i still sleep in mommy and daddy's room with the puppies

i love bath time!

2 Tiffany's boxes! I must be a princess!

Uncle Ben, right before he made me some rice

Grandma and me in North Carolina

I'm just pretending to be asleep - i've gotten really good at that trick

yeah, i'm pretty cute. 

Auntie Ea and I got all dressed up for thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving reenactment - I got to be a Native American!

Great Grandpa Gus 

Here I am pretending to be asleep in the butterfly house at the zoo!

I really enjoyed seeing the polar bears too!

Daddy, you know I can't focus at such short distances...

I love you mommy

Me and my new girlfriends Jordyn & Leah Goldstein - I felt like the big kid for the first time. 

more soon....i promise this time. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween everyone! I thought I would share a few pictures from my first Halloween. Thanks to grandma Randie for making me my pumpkin hat, grandma Michelle for my pumpkin costume and aunt Shannon and uncle Eric for my pumpkin bib. Special thanks to the squirrels for not eating my pumpkin until after Halloween!

me and my daddy... he dressed up as a well-rested parent on halloween - it was only a costume of course!

Me with my friend Ruby getting ready to watch the halloween parade!

mmmmmm candy!

my hat can also be used as a mushmouth costume!

I'm the fairy godmother who turns everything into pumpkins instead of pumpkins into other things....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Makin' a Splash!

Here are some pictures from my first "real" bath. I wasn't so sure at first, but in the end I really enjoyed it! I've taken lots of baths since this one--a girl has to have a beauty routine!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My New Wheels

Sometime during my second week at home, I got to try my stroller out for the first time!
I absolutely love it! The pictures below are from my very first walk, but I've been on lots more since then. I haven't been awake for many of these excursions, but who can blame me-it's the smoothest ride ever!

Hazel and Buster come on all our walks now. They are learning how to walk nicely with my stroller, although Hazel is always telling me that I need to share the ride and that we're switching places at the corner!

I hope everyone else is getting to enjoy watching the fall colors in the same pimped out style!

Announcing ME!

So many of you have now received my official birth announcement seen here:
My mommy and daddy actually found this design on a website called inventing matilda which they found when they googled my name... i don't really know what any of that means except for googled... i google at them all the time!

To get the photo for my announcement (and subsequently this blog... yes, i know the word subsequently) my daddy did my first official photo shoot! i got to be a model for about 15 minutes and i gave him all my best poses... then i threw up on the backdrop. Here are some of the other photos from our shoot:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i'm big!

ok, so maybe not big by some standards, but i'm one month old now, I weighed 7lbs 12oz. at my last weigh-in and i can down a 5 oz. bottle of boob juice in about 15 minutes. while I was busy getting big, i have had lots of visitors, a few outings, and some "firsts." My mom and dad haven't given me much computer time to write about it all, but i'll try to fill you in on everything i did in my first month...

let's start with my big debut, my naming. well, actually i don't exactly know what happened at my naming because i slept through most (ok, all) of it. maybe one day my daddy will put the video online that my great uncle mike took (i'm not holding my breath). Aparently there was a letter my parents read to me. I guess i will just have to read it for myself when i get older, but if you want to check it out for yourself click here. Lots of people came to see me get my hebrew name which is Miriam Gavriella. Thanks to all of you who were there, sorry if i was too sleepy and small to see you that day. i'm sure we will get to meet soon. 

Here are some photos from that day: