Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I got my pacie on back up

Just in case my fingers get away!

Uncle Ben coaches me

In rolling over-- success!

Tummy time

Hazel oversees

Tummy time

August 27

Happy 35th wedding anniversary Mimi and papa!!!! Matilda baked all day!

Mid baking banana break

Nurse Sadie

Will see you now

The Dr is in!

Inside a bubble!

Daddy had fun too!

Mission control

Blocks with daddy

Water fun

Ann arbor hands on museum!

Thumb sucking pro

Daddy and his girls

Holding my pacie

Perfect lake day!


At Leah and Jordyn's lake!

Park time!

I really like my stroller

I love baths!

Sit n spin!

I will smoosh you snail!

Mid walk snack

At Mimi and Papas house

Racing uncle Ben!

Heading out for a walk!

After mr snail again

I finally figured this thumb thing out!

Aren't you proud auntie uh uh!

Post bath sadness

Post bath sadness

Mommy, can this be my prize?

Cutest flower girl ever!

First nap in the crib!

My girls

Ribbon dancing

Too cute

I didn't expect to end up on my tummy!

August 17

First roll over!

Couldn't find my thumb

So i stuck the whole fist in

I'll get you mr snail

So sleepy

Hiding with hazel

Dance show


Natural history museum NYC

Oy vey